We offer local and regional coverage depending on your needs. NEA's coverage footprint began as a regional appraisal office in Western New York, and through our partnership with Opteon, has since expanded to cover the entire country.

At Opteon, we routinely evaluate our current market area. We base our geographical expansion on the needs and requests of our clients. Growth has been strong and steady because of our services and response time. This is why we’re a leader in the industry.

Technological advancements have allowed us to keep our costs down while providing innovative reports necessary to compete throughout the current regulatory environment. Professionals that understand the process and adjust to the requirements are crucial to your financial health. Opteon provides those professionals along with the innovated products necessary for you to do what you do best: Service your members and customers.

As our coverage continues to grow, we will always protect the interest of our clients while providing the support necessary to navigate the changes in the market place.

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