If you’re a homeowner, ordering an appraisal may not be a familiar process. There are a variety of reasons why ordering an appraisal would be beneficial to you and/or your family. 

Ordering the incorrect appraisal can be costly and time consuming.  Our experienced staff will ask the right questions and supply the right answers to make sure you have what you need.  Since 1972 we have been helping customers, just like you, with appraisal services in many situations both simple and complex.


Common reasons to order an appraisal:

  • Tax assessment challenges – (reducing your property taxes).
  • Setting a reasonable selling price for your present home.
  • Legal matters such as matrimonial or prenuptial.
  • Removing PMI – MI (lender required private mortgage insurance).
  • Estate planning and distribution of assets.
  • Employment relocation.
  • Rental property (investment) value.
  • Median rental income for a specific area.
  • Establishment of replacement cost for insurance purposes.

After your appraisal is complete, Northeastern Appraisal Associates will walk you through the language and provide detailed insight so you fully understand what it says. Appraisals are not just our business, “it’s our only business.” 

To order an appraisal, please contact us at 866-634-8970 or through email [email protected] so we can assist you.