Appraisers are the lifeblood of our business: we are a firm of appraisers managed by appraisers. We understand the ever changing landscape of requirements, fees, turn times, technology and expectations placed on appraiser's shoulders, and are experts in assisting appraisers through the entire appraisal process. Our regional appraisal office is staffed with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced appraisers in the industry, with an average of 20 years experience in the field.


Independent Panel Appraisers

In addition to our regional appraisal office, we function as a regional AMC focused on the Northeastern region of the country. Our independant panel of appraisers contains experienced professionals who have proven they can keep up with the demands of lenders and meet our high quality expectations.


Why we stand apart from other AMCs:

Northeastern Appraisal Associates continually strives to support our appraisers through the entire appraisal process. We fully understand markets differ from state to state, county to county, even within a zip code and inform our lending clients of specific market conditions as to not burden the appraiser with unrealistic turn times or travel requirements. We ask appraisers to provide us a fee structure and expected turn time for orders upon addition to our panel, and inform our clients of any discrepancies along the way.​